Saintly Thoughts

The Inevitable Slide

I am become a man of my generation, though I despise my generation.  The harder that I have attempted to extricate myself from the sins and mistakes of my fellows, the more that I have become inextricably bound up with them.  And this is how it must be; for I look around at all of my fellows and they all--whether they be righteous or unrighteous in their own or in my eyes--fall victim to the callous despondency of this age.  To turn either to the right or to the left is folly, to do nothing is impossible and against life.  Thus begins our slide into the swamp-lands of despondency.  Eventually those brackish waters will swallow us whole, and the bacterial laden creatures infesting those waters will grind our bones to dust.  And the manure of our destroyed selves will become the fodder for another peoples to rise up and begin the process anew until they too repeat the mistakes of our generation, of our parent's generation, of our nation, of our civilization, and are in turn ground into dust.  And so the cycle will continue until the end of days.  Happy is he who lives in the time of naive ascendancy and may rise without understanding.  Woe to him who lives in the time of decline, for he will inevitably slide into the muck.