Saintly Thoughts

A Categorical Confusion

Oh, how confused the categories have become, both in my own mind and in the zeitgeist!  We are an age of flexible categorical thinking, befitting an age which has seen massive and disruptive paradigm shifts within the timeframe of successive single generations.  Such flexibility has yielded some good, and I would not necessarily wish to exist in an age of less flexibility.  At the same time, it has yielded much confusion, as our minds have become sundered from considerations of staid logical categories (and I know that this is not merely a result of cultural shift, but also mirrors an increasing complexity and ambiguity in linguistics and formal logic).  I don't know that there is a solution to this confusion, at least not an easy one.  I suspect certain trends will become clearer with time, and that other trends will become less so.  Which is the same as to say, I have no idea where all of this is going.