Saintly Thoughts

Fear & Nothingness

I am (tempted) to become fed up with the world in all its parts.  One looks and sees nothing but the stench of a rotting humanity which has long out-lived its allotted time.  How can one believe in any goodness amidst so much filth and degradation?  How can one even distinguish between goodness and filth?  Are goodness and filth even expressions of ontological categories or merely value preferences?  If all categories are mere value preferences, of what use is speech [and so the mind cascades into the spiraling depths of nihilism]?  It is so hard not to believe that the thing lying beneath all of the world's puerile constructs is nothingness. 

[I fear that nothingness, I fear it so!  I fear it almost as much as I fear my fellows, or is it the nothingness in my fellows that I fear?]