Saintly Thoughts

Concerning Systems, Spirit & Holy Fools

We as human beings are extremely dependent upon systems and organizations.  It is systems that we turn to, for it is systems that have been upon the earth since before we were born and systems that shall remain after we die.  This dependency on an externality hides a fundamental truth concerning human beings; that these systems are not themselves real existent things, and being themselves imaginary and (in some sense) dead (since they are not living and existent), the more that we become beholden to them the more dead we become--the more like these phantom systems we become.  This is evident in the process by which each successful social, legal, political, and religious union is sapped of its veracity by the very thing which first allowed it some semblance of life.  Look at the Quakers, their first generations populated by holy fools walking naked from town to town in mockery of the staid pomposity of the English aristocracy, by the time of the American Revolution they were themselves the pompous and comfortable aristocrats of a newly emerging nation, descrying the spirit of a people rising to assert the power dynamics of a system turning against an overlord who had over-grasped.  And, inevitably, that system too shall fail.  It is not systems that inspire and lead.  Not logic and rationality but spirit and power!  It is to spirit that we turn and spirit that recognizes those logics of the world system which may act to turn the age and bring about change (I will not say GOOD change, but change nonetheless).  But spirit terrifies us; it is unruly and emotive, uncontainable and rowdy.  It brings down the pretensions of the mighty.  It terrifies me.  I would beat down spirit if I could, but spirit will not be contained.