Saintly Thoughts

In the Springtime of Life

I doubt very much that I shall reach the age of 90.  I think it more likely given my lifestyle and medical history that I will kick off in my mid-sixties.  I am by no means comfortable with this estimation, but am willing to accept it if I must.  But let us assume (to increase our terror) that I will live to be 90.  This means that, as one in their early thirties, I have already lived about a third of my life.  Now, we know that time is not an absolute quality, that it moves at dissimilar rates throughout the universe.  Furthermore, we know that we do not experience time equally; the more time that we have, the faster time somehow seems to pass.   I know that for myself, time seems to continue to whiz by at an ever increasing rate.  Imagine the relationship of my life as it is now, to the remainder of the calendar year.  My life is now in its spring, and the proportion of my life is no more than the length of this present moment (more or less) to the end of this calendar year.  How morbid a thought!  But here is another thought.  We experience time as a linear progression, sometimes faster sometimes slower, but more or less constant; and, as already stated, the rate of perception decreases the longer one lives along the timeline.  This is because of proportions; the person who lives the longest along the timeline experiences each distinct unit of time as a smaller and smaller portion of the whole.  Thus time proceeds faster and faster and longer one lives.  Now, imagine humankind outliving its current bounds, living onwards and onwards, hundreds of years.  Would the moments fly by at such a rate as to be indistinguishable?  Or would the moments begin to meld together, first into one continuous stream, and then coming to resemble a point along a line, a self-contained experience of the whole?  Now imagine, if you can, a person who has always existed and will always exist, ever into eternity.  Would not such a person see the entirety of the linearity as oneness?  Would not such be an image, an allegory, of an eternity seen from the perspective of some divine being?