Saintly Thoughts

On Knowing Nothing

What a difficult thing it is to know nothing.  Knowing something is easy, everyone knows something or other (or at least, can't help but think that they do).  But the moment one believe's that one has attained such an enlightened state as unknowing, one self-reflexively realizes that one knows something (for to know that one knows nothing is to know something) which is itself an inescapable paradox, a vortex of the mind.  Back and forth one's mind may be tossed, caught within this dark maelstrom.  The only escape is a cessation of such thought or a retreat into the comfortable cynicism of the accepted paradox.  But still we wish to ask, does this infinite vortex of eternal unknowing speak merely to paradoxical logic puzzles spawned as an unnatural by-product of human language, or does it speak to some essential truth concerning the nature of Being Itself?  Is the vortex an unspannable abyss lying between Man and God?