Saintly Thoughts

Thou Art Not God

Alas, I have been negligent, but to be negligent is to be human, to slip between the cracks of responsibility and irresponsibility into the middle place of action.  Negligence is simply another term for being (as a human).  Being necessitates abstraction; the possibility that the self may conceive of the self as self.  A simple concept, but a reflexive strategy that requires a double action, for to think of oneself thinking requires a secondary thinking process whereby the self is reacting to some external reality (arguably, a disembodied mind in a vacuum would not be able to think, for there would be nothing to focus the thought).  What then?  We have spoken before about how the process of self-reflexive thinking urges the thinking thing to recognize that it is not thinking itself (i.e. being itself) because there is this two-stage dialectical process by which the thing is constantly forced to flip back and forth between conceptual matrices.  Is there an inversion of this?  Is there a sense in which we can think of the thing thinking upon itself (an abstraction) thinking on itself (an abstraction of an abstraction)?  And, if this is the case, is there any reason why this abstracted abstraction may not itself become abstracted?  Who is to say that there are not an infinity of such abstractions, each piling upon the next?  And thus, we have another infinity infinitely piling upon itself with no apparent foundation.  This is the nature of your God, oh humanity!  This is the wizard that lies hidden at the end of the infinite rainbow!  Look upon Him and despair!  For you have thought that you have understood the foundation, but you have not.  You do not even have a foundation upon which you can build a foundation-less system.  For those of you who say that there is no fundamental truth underlying being, think on this thing.  For while you are not so very wrong to say such things, you are also not so very correct, and if you believe that either the truth or the untruth is itself enough to comprehend the chasm of being, you have not understood, for these are categories lying at the base of a Great Chain of Being, constantly in flux, constantly fighting for ascendancy.    And if you try to worship the flux lying beyond flux (I do not deny that some such allegory of Being may in fact Be) you discover in that moment that you are as embroiled in the flux as he who has accepted the cartoon God, the gray-bearded grandfather in the sky.  What is the solution to such flux?  There is none; not even the idea of the incarnation or some such other grand myth can answer this final mystery, for it would be a mystery knowable only to the Divine Himself.  But still, we must hold onto the image of Being as otherness; for, is there one thing that we, being set adrift without any hope of a foundation, can know?  Yes, we can know that we cannot even Be and conceive of ourselves as Being; thus, we are not Being Itself, thus, we are not God.  Whatever other lie you may tell yourselves, oh man, tell yourself not this lie; for thou art not God.  There may not Be any such as Being, and all may be an illusion and illusory.  Believe that if you must, if you can (I doubt you can ever really believe this); but believe not that thou art God.  [believe in whatever lie you have to avoid this fundamental lie, for all other lies are truth when compared to the utter inexplicability of this lie; and this lie is the foundation of all human evils and misery]