Saintly Thoughts

How Should We Then Live?

It frightens me when I consider that there may not be such a thing as a good way to live.  Show me a group, whether religious, secular, or professional, that has not at some point in time exhibited the vilest forms of depravity and enmity towards their fellow man?  Christianity claims to be a religion of love, and has many followers who exemplify this, but has led wars of conquest.  Science and modernity claim (often in the same paragraph) to successively free mankind from the constraints of tradition and religion only to then shackle it with the iron collar of determinism and brutality.  It is enough to make one ask if existence itself is worthwhile for poor beings such as we?  We must believe that it is, whether we wish to face our gods or to ignore them, but all the while we fear the Goddess who lies in the abyss.