Saintly Thoughts

The Errors of our Generation

I admire and pity you who stand against the present tide of history, who stand against the seductive vision of the isolated autonomous actor, freed from the historical constraints of family and meaningful relationships to actualize whatever the nascent will of the self desires to have actualized.  This person would prefer to live in a world all to themselves, but seeing as they cannot, wish to glide through life with as little a sense of community as is humanly possible. Why has he reached this point?  Is it the simple result of individual selfishness and misanthropy and pride?  I do believe that these impulses play their role, but I find it difficult to believe that there is not more to it than that.  Is it not that this generation of mankind, having seen through the diversity of his interests, has heralded the break-down of the old forms of community (that is, every religious and political and ideologically driven system--that which requires something bordering upon the realm of "belief" and its ilk)?  Could it be the we have seen the mendacity of all such institutions and, in our cynicism and despair, declared that we were not going to be taken in by these systems of half-truths?  No, we would annihilate ourselves and our sense of selves rather than accept that system which would sully us.  And so, we dive deep into the self, which judges everything in the whole world with a sense of sophisticated detachment EXCEPT for the self, which we may delude our selves in thinking we treat with complete disinterestedness.  But in reality we cannot treat the self that way, for to turn from community is to sink into ego, and ego is (by definition) self-interested.  So, what is the way forward from here?  I do not know, for while I tried to hold myself out from my fellows I discovered that it was exactly that method in which the majority of my fellows also engaged--in attempting to be an individual against individualism, I merely lost myself in the herd of others stampeding to do likewise.  So ours has become a barren generation; a class that knows how to show a thin mercy, but never at the right time and never in the right way.  Oh we must dive again into the dark waters of community!   We must live and eat and shit and worship and fuck and die!  Shame upon us for wanting something other than what it is to live as a human.  For unlimited choice midst a Utopia of unlimited action is what we think that we want, the siren's song which converges into the puerile demands of the most disgusting of toddlers for "more".  For more is what we want, and we shall never be satisfied.