Saintly Thoughts

The Usefulness of Ignorance

It is a useful thing to be ignorant.  In my  experience, ignorance is a far more creative state of affairs than knowingness.  For our universe is a dreadfully complex and terrifying place; if we were to look straight into the essential nature of the cosmos we would surely go mad.  But even when considering our world at a much more human level, we would do better (perhaps) not to consider the nature of our society and person too carefully.  For we will never truly understand ourselves, and in attempting to understand ourselves we may drive ourselves mad.  And yet, I doubt very much that we will ever abate in this quest to understand our essential selves.  It is an odd paradox of human existence; for it is the young who embark upon this quest for knowingess with the most excitement, and it is this excitement which breeds new discoveries.  Yet, eventually, these very discoveries will eventually turn those persons to bitterness and disappointment, and they will slink backwards towards an ignorance which they wish they could reclaim, yet can't.  Once one has come to some semblance of true knowingness, one is useless.  So, the advice of the wise (who are useless) is to not delve too deep into the self, but to be content with mere surface knowledge.  For truly the wise, in their wisdom, wish for foolishness and it eludes them.  Only the fool may wish for wisdom, and if he finds it, gain nothing but the knowledge that he would have been better off to have stayed a fool.  Of course, this is not to say that there is not still much folly in foolishness.  So which is the better state of affairs, the wisdom of foolishness or the foolishness of wisdom?