Saintly Thoughts

Musings on the Metaphors of Wisdom

Do not ask for knowledge and wisdom and understanding--whatever you do, do not ask for them!  Ask instead for peace and trust and love and innocence.  Hold onto these things, for they are good in and of themselves and once lost, can never be regained.  Wisdom is a good thing, but in this world, it is only good for seeing the futility of itself against such a world; for we see God in innocence and humility, not with the eyes of our wisdom and understanding.  Knowledge, what is knowledge but the knowledge of a dying reality, in which the blood of the innocent will be spilled until the last syllable of recorded time?  But wait, do not the innocent, in their innocence spill blood?  No, such may feign innocence, but they have been corrupted by their fear, for the innocent would speak truth and accept death rather than spill the blood of the man who raises his hand against himself and his family.  Would he sacrifice himself to a principle?  No, not to a principle, but how could he raise his hand in anger against his neighbor, whom he loves as himself?  For, in killing his attacker, he kills his own soul, and dies the death of the spirit.  Life he may have still, but it is the dead life of a man who knows that the part of him which matters, which is able to love and be loved and be in fellowship with his fellows, has died.  Is it not better that such a man should die in the body that his soul may yet still live?  And here is a hard truth; this would be true even if the death of the body is the annihilation of the soul.  It would be true even then, but such is not the case (so we are told).  To die out of love for the man who comes to take your life, that is the true test of the Gospel just as it expresses the true passivity of the unknowable Tao.  It is madness, but all wisdom in this world has failed us, and the madness of God is stronger than the wisdom of mankind (or so we are told).