Saintly Thoughts

Wise Blood

Do you not see the difference between us?  Between you who have accepted a this-worldly vision of a life free from meaning and from me that see existence as suffused by meaning?  Do you not see that we share the same physical space, but that we inhabit two fundamentally different worlds?  You have tried so hard to escape from the bonds of tradition and prescribed community, so that you could see the light of the truth.  But in standing alone without your props, you have seen nothing but darkness, and can conceive of nothing but darkness.  Do not look into that abyss too long or too hard, for it will consume you in the end.  You say that you see truer than I, for I claim to see that which is not seeable.  But you have lost the right to use such language, for you have denied that there is anything fundamental—either of gods or of man—to be seen.  What right have you then to talk of seeing if you have denied the very category of sight?  What right have you to speak of truth and falsehood, you who have conflated these ontological categories?  I may be right and I may be wrong, and I rise or fall on my choice.  You claim that you don't recognize a difference between right and wrong, and thus—though you may still choose in an existential sense—choice has become meaningless to you.  Can I not infuse my choice with meaning, you ask?  Am I not now my own God?  You may tell yourself this, I respond.  But it suspect that this conclusion will not satisfy.  For you have conflated all categories, and would not be able to believe in your divinity even if it were true (and despite your protestations, I think that you intuit that it is not true).  So whether you choose the right or the left or the good or the bad, it is all the same.  Choice is meaningless.  And so, you choose not.  You waft along amidst the currents of received opinions, choosing that intersection of easy consensus, no matter how confused you really are, because you have not the ethical backbone to do anything other.  But many of us still act morally, you respond.  More morally than do you, when we see the sufferings of our fellow persons.  Yes, I respond, your blood is wiser than your mind.  Let us hope that you continue to bleed wise blood.  God help you on that day when you finally bleed out.