Saintly Thoughts

Beauty & Truth

I like the idea that beauty is truth and truth beauty, it is a sentiment that speaks to me.  But, as with most sentimental statements, while it might contain deep within itself a hard truth that we can uncover, on its face it is a facile statement and practically meaningless.  For what is beautiful?  Beauty is to some extent in the eye of the beholder, but not all that some may think beautiful need be recognized as such (assuming there was any such other to act as a judge).  Do I know what Beauty is?  No, I do not even have the wisdom to distinguish that which is beautiful from that which is truly hideous.  Thus, I try to keep an open mind and be generous with my judgments, remembering my own fallibility.  But I refuse to believe that there is no difference between the beautiful and the hideous apart from mere human preference.  The key to beauty itself may not be accessible to man, but it exists.  If I believe nothing else, I believe this.