Saintly Thoughts

The Salvation of Nothingness

Why should we wish to live our existence free of toil and strife?  For all our best tales are full of heroics.  Ah, but there the adventures lie safely trapped between pages and etched in celluloid.  Imagine if these adventures spilled out into our everyday existence.  We would immediately be consumed by a wave of terror and likely born away by a gruesome death.  Is a heroic death what we yearn for?  No, it may have been what the ancients craved, cursed with their hard world of sweat and stone.  But we, even those most disaffected in our world (I speak here of the developed West) can only imagine such magnificent nihilisms as fairy tales.  Only a very few have hit so close to the edge of despair that they can recognize the awful beauty of the death of blood and iron.  Do I ask you to think of such a death as did the ancients?  No, I would not have us crave such an evil end.  If there is one thing of which I feel certain, it is that ours was a misspent youth, seeking fame in arms when we should have sought wisdom at the feet of our elders.  I would not have us grip at a despair that allowed them to see their lives as worth nothing if not sacrificed in combat.  But we must not stop there, we must go beyond to the deeper despair.  For our age, there is no way forward but further into the depths of the abyss.  Do not expect to find a bottom there.  Do not expect comfort there.  Do not expect knowledge or salvation.  Expect nothing but nothingness, and when you have found it, continue to press on into that nothingness.  Only then may a hand reach out and save us.  Salvation may yet come to us, but ours is a cursed generation (the most accursed generation to walk the planet, just as every generation that preceded us).