Saintly Thoughts

On the Nature of Faeries

I believe in faeries.  I believe that it is these spirits that cause the flowers to open in the springtime, that cause the sun to shine with a harsh and yellow glow in the summertime, that cause the leaves to turn golden in the autumn, and that cause the hoarfrost to bite at our cheeks and fingertips in the winter.  I believe that all of creation is full of powerful and mischievous agencies who work their will through the phenomena we attribute to cold nature.  Why do we not see them, you ask?  Are they rare beings hiding at the far corners of existence?  No, I respond, you have been taught incorrectly.  These spirits do not dwell only in the sacred glens and fountains, nor only midst the tumbled stones of ancient mounds and tunnels.  They exist in such numbers that we cannot breathe without inhaling thousands of them; they are more numerous than the bacteria coating our bodies.  Why, you then ask, why can I not see them?  Because it is their pleasure not to be seen, I respond.  They hide their tracks well.  Every action caused by them is hidden midst a roiling cauldron of physical explanation lest we become aware of their existence.  This is a game that they play.  What we perceive as the unchanging rules of science and reason are simply the cast-off tales of their poets and mystics, left as traces to annoy and confuse us.  But do not be deceived.  It is not the law of gravity (so called) that keeps our feet firmly planted to the earth.  Take away such laws of motion and interaction and the universe would not stop spinning in its course.  But take away the faeries pressing in upon us on every side at every moment, and the very molecules in our bodies would split apart and scatter in a vortex of pain and dissimulation.  Do not be too proud of the integrity of your physical form, for you are subject to the whims of a fickle and fey people who keep us integral at their pleasure and are not bound to do so forever.  

Does this tale sound fanciful to you?  Yes, of course it does, it sounds fanciful to me as well.  I have no proof of this assertion.  But, even though it is impossible, the thought of such creatures terrifies and delights me just the same.  And I cannot shake the nagging sensation that there is more to such explanations that my conscious mind will allow.  It sometimes seems that I see these creatures in the first moments that I awaken, screaming, from my nightmares.