Saintly Thoughts

On Loss

To live is to constantly lose.  Lost life, lost energy, lost people.  Lost life is no loss to us since we are not the ones who feel the loss and lost energy provides its own reprieve in the heavy sleep of indolence.  Lost people are not so easily replaced.  How many have you lost, if not from death, then from inevitable human separation?  To look upon ones' list of "friends" on a social networking site is to look upon a list of ghosts, for how many listed therein will we see again in this world separated as we are by such a span of years and miles?  They are lost to us forever, digital ghosts wafting eerie essences across the expanse of cyberspace.  I gaze upon these lists of ghosts and feel a chill wind blowing across the base of my spine; I am far more haunted by the living than the dead.