Saintly Thoughts

An Ontology of Spirit

Do you think that I despise the physical world?  Do not be deceived by my railings against our present state of existence!  Yes, there are times in my misanthropy that I desire pure spiritual existence.  There are other times when I wish for the existence of the base animal who may revel in his physicality without reference to consequence since he knows his condition unclearly, if he knows it at all.  No, when I despise either the one or the other, or long for either the one or the other, what I rail against is not physicality as such, but our imperfect humanity, which leaves us suspended between spirituality and physicality.  Perhaps you think that I am foolish for considering spirituality as a quality?  I think you are foolish for denying the efficacy of spirit!  Please do not misunderstand me; I have no special knowledge concerning the existence of a God or principalities in the heavens lying beyond our physical knowledge.  We are spiritual (at the very least) merely in the act of contemplating the possibility of the spiritual.  Thus, whether or not such spirits matters not, we are spiritual nonetheless.  Does it matter whether or not there IS such a THING as Spirit?  Of course, it is just about the most important question that we can ask!  But even if it is a thing spun out of the webbing of our tormented imaginations, a fevered evolutionary by-product of our mind's ability to abstract (for it is in our capacity to abstract that our nascent sense of spirit resides), it still has power over us which we ignore at our peril.  We cannot escape the grasp of such spirit!  She has haunted our dreams and consumed our waking hours since before the awakening of our conscious mind.  She has known us longer than we have known ourselves.  If she resides within (rather than without) she cannot be cast off.  Perhaps (as some have speculated) there will come a day when mankind will no longer need spirit.  I do not believe this, I cannot believe this; but belief is not knowledge, and knowledge of these things I have not.  I only know that spirit, whatever its source, is not done with us as a species.  We must continue in our journey of self-realization alongside of her, and within her.  We must love her as we love ourselves, no, love her more than we love our children!  If she is a deceitful demon of the mind, perhaps such love will hasten her demise, and quicken the day when our children are no longer tormented by her influence.  If she is an internal image of that Divine spark which reaches out its hands  across the abyss of time and space to a lost humanity,  then let us not ignore her summons in our haste for an imperfect freedom.