Saintly Thoughts

Habit: The Soul Killer

Habit is the worst of human sins.  While it is correct to say that it is largely good habits that restrain our baser impulses and allow us to function as useful members of society, it is the freedom killer.  It creates of us automatons stressed by our duty to serve the needs of this most exacting of gods.  Perhaps for an age existing upon the brink of animal barbarity, mean habit is the course of virtue, but in an age wherein the human person is being subjected more and more to the forces of the machine, habit of any kind (whether the habit of the bottle or the habit of rising promptly at 6 am each morning without fail) will be our downfall. Habit is the freedom killer because it allows us to exist without a conscious awareness of our own existence.  The moment we cease being aware of our existence (thus allowing us to take the next step of becoming awed by our existence) is the very moment of spiritual death.