Saintly Poetry

The Unusual Guest

[A humorous poetic tale penned on the Occasion of Thanksgiving 2013]


Twas Thanksgiving Day; all the Silver was set,

All the linen was pressed, all the China was laid.

From the kitchen a haze of sweet incense did waft

And the household awaited with anticipation.


With a booming announcement, at fifteen past three,

The cook and her suppliants sounded the charge.

From the living room, basement, TV room they came;

A thundering, rumbling, grand perturbation.


The throng did survey the Feast’s bounty with awe,

Noting yams, custard corn, garlic stuffing and fowl.

Their senses so heightened, all heads bowed to pray,

Til the hostess cried “WAIT!” and began her oration.


“One chair yet lies empty, there’s someone still missing

I’ll not have us eat til we’ve settled this lack.

See there’s Father and Tommy, Aunt Emma and Stewart

But where is our Guest?” was her stark admonition.


“Here I am!” cried the guest, springing out from a corner,

“I am sorry, I fear I was taking a nap.

Many thanks to our hostess, it all looks delicious…”

Then his eyes to the entrée did make introduction.



“What is this?” he did cry, in a tone most irate

“If this is a joke it is not at all funny.”

Then with tears in his eyes, from the house he did fly,

In a flurry of fury and gross indignation.


When once he had gone all there gathered did blink,

They at first understood not the cause of this outburst.

And then all at once on them gathered there dawned,

That this Guest was a bird of the turkey persuasion.